Thursday, November 07, 2013

Single Review :: The Rifles - Minute Mile

The Rifles

Minute Mile

November 11 2013 (Cooking Vinyl Records)


Words: Dave Beech

London four-piece The Rifles have been doing the rounds in some iteration or another for almost ten years now. In that time they've garnered some friends in pretty high places, such as Paul Weller and, the band that inspired them, Oasis, they've scored fairly highly in the UK Album Charts and even, allegedly, been in trouble with the Mafia. Now, ahead of their fourth album 'None the Wiser', and back with their original line-up, The Rifles are set to release new single 'Minute Mile', three and a half minutes of charmingly inoffensive indie-pop that's as indebted to American indie, as it is it's British counterpart.

Coming off somewhere in between Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin and mid-noughties acts such as Little Man Tate or The Holloways, the pop sensibilities exhibited by the band are abundant and the production suitably polished. Angular guitars offset singer Joel's smooth vocal work. It's nothing ground breaking, but with a solid fan base and a series of critically lauded albums behind them it doesn't have to be. The Rifles have found their demographic and, after surviving many of their contemporaries, including the aforementioned, the band are doing something right. Solid indie-pop that we've heard before and we know we'll hear again.

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