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EP Review :: Triolian - In Your Head


In Your Head

January 30 2014


Words: Dave Beech

These days, thanks to the internet, it seems bands need very little in the way of label support before they can begin to make a name for themselves. Indeed, for similar reasons, a band could easily find itself with a modest yet devout following before ever even taking to a stage. One such band, who have only been together a matter of months, is London's indie-pop duo Triolian, who release their debut EP 'In Your Head' on January 30.

Beginning with the almost-eponymous 'In My Head', and ending roughly 14 minutes later with 'Learn to Love', the EP is four tracks of solid indie-pop full of fuzzy guitars ('In My Head'), disco beats ('After Dark') and the kind of no frills lyricism that so often makes indie-pop music for the Everyman. And while 'In Your Head' is a solid example of the genre, ('Till the End' in particular feeling like a natural progression of bands such as The Pigeon Detectives or Little Man Tate), it rarely deviates from it's source material, and while this isn't strictly a bad thing, you can't help but think you've heard this before.

Two stand out moments come in the form of 'In My Head' which kicks things off in a big way, and the aforementioned 'Till the End'. 'In My Head' is an angular and offbeat track which juxtaposes vocal harmonies with rich, fuzzy instrumentation, in what could easily go on to become an indie club floor-filler. 'Till the End', on the other hand, is a clean and nostalgic take on the traditional indie-pop love song. Jangly guitars and an understated synth form the basis of the track, with lyricism so sickly sweet it proves irresistible.

For those of you looking for a band breaking boundaries, Triolian probably aren't for you. But for those of you who are looking for a band full of youthful energy, a band you can dance to, then you needn't look further. Ticking all the right boxes, Triolian aren't so much about making a statement as they are about having a good time, and 'In Your Head' is a great first release, from a band who could easily go on to bigger things given time to cut their teeth.

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