Monday, December 12, 2016

Introducing :: Alexa Casino

Words: Ellie Ward

21-year-old New Zealand chillwave songstress Alexa Weatherall, known as Alexa Casino, is still something of a undiscovered talent.

Arriving last year with a selection of bedroom dream-chill songs on Bandcamp, including an eight-track EP, 'No Words', in October 2015, her latest offering from this autumn of 2016, 'Dream Girl', shows the Wellington producer has been fine tuning her electronic, other wordly ambience.

Though we first heard of her by way of the outwardly feminist 'Rave Against The Patriarchy' a few months before ("i hate men / i'm a feminazi / feminazi pizza / time to rave now / rave against the patriarchy"), her forte lies in the subtlety of her delivery - which drips like honey on 'Red'.

Her first EP, 'e-songs', released via Bandcamp in August 2015, included the lovely 'Blu', delicately crafted around piano notes and her alluring gauzy vocal.

Hopefully 2017 will be the year to bring her to more prominence.

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