Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Introducing :: Party Hardly

Words: Sam Geary

Formerly known as WULFs, Leeds-based DIY slacker pop rockers Party Hardly released ‘Friendly Feeling', their latest single and first under the new moniker recently. They may be a new name to you, but vocalist and lead guitarist Tom Barr, was previously with Birmingham band Lovats, featured several times by Little Indie.

Since their transformation from WULFs into Party Hardly, the quartet have performed alongside the likes of Diet Cig, Mouses, Trudy & The Romance, The Orielles and Yowl, and building up a lkxsl fanbase with their garage surf crossed with 80s indie sound.

‘Friendly Feeling’ was written "with the aim was to make the cheesiest song within the parameters of the band’s normal sound. There's an element of humour to this track, we tried not to take ourselves too seriously. It's fun to play live and goes down well, but it's also a lot different to the stuff we're recording at the moment, so we're excited to get more stuff released soon."

Which seemingly they'll be doing fairly imminently, with new single ‘Jobs’ arriving early in 2017.

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