Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Album Review :: Otherkin - OK




September 29 2017


Words: Alison Mack

The debut album from Dublin garage rockers Otherkin, is a smidgen more than okay. In fact, it's 12 sharp, energetic tracks are really OK-plus.

From the infectiously upbeat opener ‘Treat Me So Bad,’ through grunge blaster 'Come On, Hello' and the rock worthy 'Ay Ay' (from their debut EP, 'The 201'), 'OK' presents an in-yer-face onslaught of noise punk.

There's plenty here to feed the appetite for out-front bold aggression (‘Feel It’, and blistering closer ‘So So'), catchy hooks ('89', and the no-nonsense rock of 'Bad Advice'), while 'React' takes a sweeping lyrical hard punch: “He’s the devil in disguise / he’s a cheat / yeah he’s the antichrist / Decency shrivelled up and died / Said Hey, are you gonna react?”

Overall, trading on their danceable punk sensibilities, this Is a pretty fine debut from the Irishmen that serves up their genre with vim and vigour. Otherkin have said they want their records to be "punchy, lean and blazing." Sounds like they've accomplished that here.

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