Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Track Of The Day :: Villiers - The Dancer

We make no apology for once more bringing the North West's Villiers to your ears. This most consistently good outfit yet again 'put a spell on you' with this first offering of 2014: 'The Dancer' - which we first featured in our Christmas special in its shorter demo form last year. But hell, something as good as this is well worth a second go - especially as it could well be the one to set the ball rolling for the Ribble Valley Three.

Now coming complete with a video of Old Grey Whistle Test-esque black and white footage of those kind of exotic lady dancers that used to get men hot under the collars (as well as elsewhere), 'The Dancer' weaves it's hypnotic magic from the off, with Ben Earnshaw driving the front vocals over yearning guitars, synth and tribal drum beats - the latter excelling where the track rides to its closing notes.

Noticeable on 'The Dancer' too, is Villiers' sounding less like Editors - much to the fore on earlier track 'Heavy Heart' - as they step into electronic dabblings. A band, one feels, who are still exploring their boundaries and possibilities - the latter which are endless.

'The Dancer' is released on May 5.

Villiers are: Dan Earnshaw -Vocals/Bass; Ben Earnshaw - Guitar/ Backing Vocals; Daniel Buckle - Drums


Check out previous tracks, 'Shadows' and 'Heavy Heart' while you're at it.

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