Thursday, May 22, 2014

Track Of The Day :: Kult Country - Trembling Moon

Let us give you a tip. Next time you come across an artist with a new work out  - especially if they hail ftom the northern parts of the fair British Isles - and you're not sure if it's any good or not, just check who produced it. If you see the name MJ, then you can be sure you're on to a winner -sealed with a first class solid gold star rating. That's what we find anyway, given that hardly a week goes by without Matt Johnson of Hookworms being namechecked in production credits on a track we are loving.

The latest to our ears that Mr MJ is in the hot seat for is Manchester-based Kult Country. Gearing up for their debut album later this year - after first single 'Slowburn' came out a year ago - they are in the meantime dropping this little delight, 'Trembling Moon'.

This is a track that at just over four minutes in length is still way too short, as you long for Yousif Al-Karaghouli’s delicious and indecipherable, reverb-soaked vocals to continue washing over you; for the fuzzy, distorted riffs to go on making your heart swell as you air guitar every note.

Kult Country play London's Sebright Arms on July 1, followed by July 4 at The Eagle, Salford.

'Trembling Moon' is out on June 30 via No Self Records.

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