Thursday, April 20, 2017

Listen :: Quack up and step into Ducks! crazy, wonderful 'Giant World'

Credit: Harriet Richardson

Words: Linn Branson

This is one of those tracks that come under the (what should be) little used heading (if one such existed) 'This Is Great, Mate' (we may start one though).

Berlin-based Australian duo Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan - being the Ducks! - go full on blurpy-bleepy-synthy-kooky-experimental on 'Giant World', which turns trip-hop beats into an electronic snappy crackler, enriched by analogue synth drones and wobbly tape-looped keys.

They describe 'Giant World' as "an excursion from the depths of the sea to the banks of a small canal. Beginning with cold, dark currents and the ‘ticks and pops’ of fish-talk, ‘Giant World’ ends with the chirping of a dawn chorus of real frogs, recorded by the banks of Berlin’s Landwehrkanal in spring last year."

Crazy, eh! Wonderful stuff.

Giant World is taken from Ducks!’ new album, 'Nak Nak', released this week, and the pair will be playing two launch shows in Hamburg and Berlin next month:

03 Barbarabar, Hamburg
04 Loophole, Berlin

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