Monday, September 24, 2018

Blossomer intrigue on their return with 'PREACHER_LEARNER'

Words: Linn Branson

Back in early 2015 we first heard Sheffield's Blossomer who came to our ears via mystery, intrigue, and some pretty beaut sounds. We won't go into it here - all is explained in the link.

Well, now they are back once again with their new single, 'PREACHER_LEARNER', released last Friday (September 21), the first cut off their forthcoming EP “HLLW,” out on January 11 2019 via Instant Karma Records.

The track has all the hallmarks that so impressed us three years ago. Flowing, incandescent and atmospheric electronics providing a subtle base to striking vocal textures.

“As religion has always been one of my common themes to sing about, this was based around the idea of striving to believe in something that isn’t quite there," explains lead singer Alex Crabbe. "A preacher teaching his pupil of something that doesn’t necessarily exist. I find it bizarre but it intrigues me.”

This song intrigues us, too.

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