Thursday, October 15, 2020

Album Review :: Beabadoobee - Fake It Flowers




Fake It Flowers

October 16 2020 (Dirty Hit)


Words: Amelia Callister

The debut album from one of the new rising UK artists, Gen-Z's London-based Filipina Beatrice Kristi, or Beabadoobee as she is better known as, has produced a raw, insightful work that rings with real emotion at its alt-rock heart.

"Fake It Flowers' documents the delicate sounds of the 20-year-old's early EPs all the way through to huge jangling guitar anthems that nod to her 90s grunge heroes; embracing her imperfections and her mistakes, vulnerability is at the core of the 12-track, slacker-rock collection.

Lead singles, the melodically nostalgic ‘Care’ and the emotionally authentic ‘Sorry’ highlight her determined and anthemic style, while she tackles personal topics from teenage infidelity on the chugging ‘Worth It’ (“Say that we’re making a connection too slow / So just try texting again, don’t pick up the phone... Don’t think we can be friends because you’re too pretty / I want to see you again, I don’t know what I’m saying"), to neglected relationships on the tender ‘How Was Your Day?’ 

On the melancholic twist of 'Further Away' she hones back onto the toxicity path with sharp retorts (“They say the moon’s far away / but your brain’s further”), while ‘Together’ sees her wrestling with the need for affection and comfort on the song, she has said, is "about the dependency you have with someone and missing that when you’re away and learning to be by yourself. It’s written from that point when you’re feeling alone and thinking everything is better when you’re with that other person.”

A strong debut from the artist who shows her development from bedroom pop to the queen of grunge hearts.

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