Thursday, October 29, 2020

Neon Islands are over the 'MOON' with new single

Credit: Rob Blackham

Words: Sam Geary 

Guildford/London-based alt-rockers Neon Islands Islands share a new video to accompany their latest single 'MOON'.

Following the recent 'Luck', the band offer another slice of swoony synths, shimmery guitars and atmospheric melodic rhythms.

"‘MOON’ explores the deep challenges that come from the day-to-day routine of a long-distance relationship," the four-piece explain. "The main theme of the song is the confusion generated by the sadness of being apart. Starting a long-distance relationship is like going through a breakup, except for the fact that the lovers are actually trying to salvage the relationship, not to end it. Other than that, all the feelings are exactly the same. The temptations and distractions of their trivial routines make the lovers become strangers “It’s strange how we’re becoming strangers so soon.”


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