Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Watch :: Sydney outfit The Buoys are 'Already Gone' on video clip


Words: Ellie Ward 

Directed by Maya Luana, Sydney-based garage punk four-piece The Buoys follow on from the recent release of their second EP 'All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere', with this video for one of its highlights 'Already Gone'.

Coming after we heard the mighty 'Wah' back in early summer, 'Already Gone' is a three and a half minute reflection on a relationship vocalist/ guitarist Zoe Catterall wrote "at the start of a relationship and finished the song after that same relationship had ended."

The visual, below, say the band, sees "Zoe get on with her day to day life with the ghost always over her shoulder. In the end, Zoe's able to confront the ghost and take away its power over her, and this turns into a huge celebration of freedom expressed in goofy dancing. Not that Zoe was trying to look goofy, that's just how she dances."

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