Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Falkirk's PERMO bite hard on relationship woes on 'Heroin'

Words: Leah Raymond 

Falkirk garage punk hitters PERMO follow 'Ultraviolence' from late last year, with third single ‘Heroin’. 

The track - out now via Disobedient Records - is a powerful, in-your-face punk jam, that is written, says bassist Hamish Georgeson, "from the perspective of someone looking at their friend's relationship and seeing they’re trapped and can’t seem to stop going back to this girl who treats them like shit." 

And he sure lets his feelings be known: “Your balls are in her handbag while she’s shagging Tinder dates,” vocalist Ross Ferguson spews out in no uncertain terms, over a frenetic two minutes-plus propulsion of drums and bass.

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