Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Anorak Patch Sing & Tell on friends, influences and getting 'Irate'!

Newly signed to Nice Swan Records, Colchester four-piece Anorak Patch are not just getting people talking due to their tender years - 14-year-old drummer, with a triumvirate of 16-year-olds - but also with visceral just released third single ‘Irate’. 

Hi, we're Little Indie... and you are? 

I'm Eleanor Helliwell and I play bass in Anorak Patch. Then there's Luca Ryland who plays drums and sings; Effie Lawrence on keyboards and sings too, and Oscar ryland on guitar.  

Give us a brief snapshot about yourself and what brought you to where you are today.

We’ve been a band for nearly two years; we knew each other before the band was formed through going to gigs together and being at the same school in Essex. We’d go to gigs almost every week and it seemed only fitting that we start a band ourselves.

For those in the dark, provide us with a clue to your musical style and influences.

Our music, although very broad, is influenced by bands like Squid and Talking Heads. It fuses all our different favourite types of music.

Can you explain a little about your production and writing process.

We write our songs at Pioneer Studios in Colchester. Oscar and Luca often come up with an idea and Effie and I critique it. We all contribute to the writing process in our own ways.

Tell us more about your new single.

'Irate' was written during the first lockdown. It’s about how we felt at that time and how frustrated we were about not being able to play gigs and record, and everything else you have to do as a band. We recorded it with Tom Donavon in Rowhedge and the song really came together well.

What do you have planned for 2021?

We should be back playing gigs and hopefully releasing more new music for everyone! 

Where can we hear more of your music?

We're on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud.

What social media platforms can we find you on?

Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

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