Thursday, February 25, 2021

LA rock trio Tashaki Miyaki release video for new album title track 'Castaway'

LA rock trio Tashaki Miyaki have released the title track from their self-produced second album 'Castaway', out April 23 via Metropolis Records. 

"For the video I wanted to tap into all the feelings that can come up in love relationships: anger, sadness, loneliness, vulnerability, stillness, joy, romance, longing," says singer and drummer Paige Stark, who shot the Sophia Coppola-inspired video on film.

“‘Castaway’ is about the challenges of romantic love and how we are all bad at it in one way or another. The idea of a castaway in all this is that no one understands the relationship except the people in it, so you really are stuck on an island alone together there, and maybe you make it back to the mainland, and maybe you stay on the island.”

Watch below.

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