Thursday, February 11, 2021

Middle Kids unwrap 'Cellophane (Brain)' ahead of third full-length

Credit: Imogen Wilson

Words: Sam Geary 

Sydney indie rockers Middle Kids are preparing for the release their third album, 'Today We’re The Greatest', out on March 19 on Lucky Number / Domino.

In advance of that, the trio issue a three-and-a-half minute encapsulation of all the ambition, lyrical scope and musicality to be found on the full-length, in single cut 'Cellophane (Brain)'.

"I remember making a diorama in primary school for an under-the-ocean scene using cellophane," explains singer Hannah Joy on the track. "I loved the way cellophane looked but I hated the way it crunched and creased in my hands. It’s one of those weird things you remember sometimes… I’m not even sure if cellophane is an exact metaphor for my mind it feels connected to the song for me. 

"When I consciously started taking note of what was going on in my brain it was usually ANXIOUS and NEGATIVE. If my mind is a minefield of fear and sadness, nothing else can shift my overall sense of myself. But to change one’s thinking is incredibly hard. It’s an inner journey with little extrinsic reward or accountability."

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