Friday, February 05, 2021

This Feeling collab with Scotts on Music Venue Trust fundraiser

This Feeling has partnered with Scotts in a fundraiser for the Music Venue Trust.

The year-long collaboration will endeavour to find ways to support bands and music fans through this present period with the continuing disruptiom and cessation of live music due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their first venture is a special vinyl featuring a handful of the best rising new acts in the country, with profits going to the Music Venue Trust.

"There's a golden age of guitar-music around the corner and we've got loads planned with Scotts to keep the zone fires burning until our glorious venues re-open," says This Feeling head honcho Mikey Jonns.

Next month will see a new Big in 2021 artist sharing a track 'live' across This Feeling and Scotts' platforms every day.

Big in 2021 tracklist:

LP1 side A

Garden Party - In The Middle

Michael Gallagher - Lula

The Roly Mo - I'll Be Happy When You Die

Lucy Gaffney - Big Love

Dead Pony - 23, Never Me

Flechettes - Man Of The Hour

The Kairos - Price On Peace

Talkboy - Sky Is Falling

Fitzroy Holt - How Long

Cobain Jones - She Plays

Pre-order Big in 2021 from February 8.

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