Monday, February 08, 2021

19&YOU examine their 'HEAD/HEART'

Credit: Charles Letessier

Words: Sam Geary 

After sharing 'Bored!' back in January, Los Angeles-based Australian four-piece 19&YOU return with another track from their upcoming self-titled debut EP, out March 26.

'HEAD/HEART' is an emo-tinged, heart-tugging alt-pop work, highlighting Cameron Graves’ emotional vocal delivery and piano notes, over an electronic backdrop.

“I love this song because of the unique piano ballad start which quickly picks up to an intense trap-inspired pop chorus," he says. "It’s something we really love doing and haven’t heard before. The soft ballad mirrors the feelings of the heart and the chorus is the hard-hitting voice of reason. We wrote the lyrics to match that feeling of being bonded to someone that you know in the end is not the one.”

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