Monday, February 15, 2021

Voodoos drop an 'anti-love song' - 'It's Your Life'

Words: Ellie Ward 

Scottish indies Voodoos are back with a kind of 'anti-love song' with newly dropped 'It's Your Life'.

An indie classic in waiting that offers the perfect insight into why the four-piece are adored by so many already and set for huge things. 

Produced by Tarek Musa, the track harks back to the indie greats (The Strokes, The Rakes etc) with big singalong melodies, soaring guitars and a driving backbeat. 

"The song is about growing up and growing apart from someone you were close to and how that could turn sour," says frontman Piero Marcuccilli.

"You’re left wondering how things would be if you did something differently. The situation is already beyond repair but you still have hope for the future. Despite sounding youthful and fun, It’s quite a sad song, which is ironic since it’s coming out on the weekend of Valentine’s Day. It’s something I think almost everyone can relate to on some level."

Check it out below.

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