Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Working Men’s Club release 21-minute MEGAMIX of last year's debut album

Words: Sam Geary 

Working Men’s Club have released a 21-minute MEGAMIX of last year's self-titled debut album. The mix originally appeared online for a week last June, around the album release date. 

“Initially it seemed a bit of a crazy idea,” says Syd Minsky-Sargeant. “To go and remix an album we’d just made that wasn’t even out yet. But once we got into it we were like, ‘let’s fucking go for it’."

Minsky-Sargeant worked with producer Ross Orton, under the name Minsky Rock, to remotely create the unique reimagining. 

He adds: “Ross has a studio in Sheffield and I have a bit of one at home. So I would play a synth part and then send him the file over and he’d put it into his computer and then bring it up on a shared screen. I could see his interface and we’d mix it like that. It was like being in the same room.”

The result is a “reinterpretation rather than a remix. It takes a number of parts of the album but different versions [and edits] of the songs. I’ve played new parts on more or less everything. Some tracks I’ve taken out the guitar parts and re-done them with synths or replaced bass lines with synths.”

Stream in full below.

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