Monday, August 12, 2013

One To Watch :: Get Inuit

Words: Dave Beech

Very little is known about Sittingbourne's Get Inuit; indeed, it's been less than two weeks since the band's first demos materialised on their Soundcloud page, yet the plays have already been mounting up. Perhaps it can be attributed to the weather, but there's really no denying that this Kent-based four-piece, comprised of James, Ollie, James and Rob, have an irresistible edge to their sun-kissed surf-pop that's really hard not to take notice of.

Following in the footsteps of bands such as The Drums, Get Inuit are harbouring a youthful exuberance that bleeds through into their music unquestionably, not only that, but for a band that have only been together for a short space of time their songs are as tight as they are brief with each track providing a perfect injection of summer that just begs to be included on even the most eclectic of driving mix-tapes.

First track featured on their page 'My Oh My' is perhaps the most accomplished of the two and makes excellent use of the vocal harmonies that seem synonymous with the genre. The vocals (coming courtesy of James #1) are somewhat reminiscent of Kyle Falconer of The View fame in both pitch and delivery, whilst the guitars carry enough crunch to satisfy those whose musical preferences swing towards garage rock whilst still being clean enough to appease the purists who prefer their surf-pop with a distinctly Sixties vibe to it. The second track 'Cutie Pie, I'm Bloated' features much of the same aesthetic decisions as the former and provides the band with what could potentially become a staple of their live sets over the coming months and a chorus that will ultimately be rattling around your head days after hearing it. “I wanna be your stick in the mud”, proclaims James #1 incessantly, and given the strength of his band's first outings, I think we'll let him.

Get Inuit are: Jamie Glass - lead vocals, guitar; James Simpson - guitar; Ollie Nunn - bass; Rob Simpson - drums, backing vocals.

Upcoming live dates:

October 18 - Beacon Court, Gillingham w/Dead Bears

October 27 - Pelton Arms, Greenwich

New Single, 'What's A Man Without Umph' released November 2013.


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