Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Ashnikko releases 'Demidevil' mixtape

Credit: Vasso Vu

The singer-rapper on many a Ones To Watch list, Ashnikko has releasd her ‘Demidevil’ mixtape. The London-based, North Carolina-born artist flaunts her multi-hyphenate genre spanning style throughout this ten track mixtape as she ricochets between themes of empowerment, vengeance to full blown side splitting humour. 

'Demidevil' follows her 2019 heartbreak anthem 'Hi, Its Me' EP which introduced the world to ‘STUPID’ and led to her clocking nearly 2 million followers on TikTok. 

The mixtape includes collaborations with Grimes, who appears on emo banger ‘Cry’; Kelis on the punky ‘Deal With It’; New Yorker Princess Nokia on the sapphic soaked dreamer ‘Slumber Party’, and there is also an updating of Avril Lavigne's ‘SK8R BOI’.

Ashnikko says on the mixtape: “The fruit of my loins, the apple of my eye, the product of my blood, sweat, snot, and tears, my mixtape DEMIDEVIL!!!!! I worked so hard on this music I don’t know how to even deal with it being released into the wild. Might have to hibernate for a week or two while everyone listens to it.”

Stream in full below.

Kings Elliot  is 'Dancing Alone' through "the darkest days"

Words: Sam Geary 

With over a million streams to her credit on last year's debut single ‘I’m Getting Tired Of Me’, Swiss-born London-based newcomer Kings Elliot now brings her soul pop touch to new single 'Dancing Alone'.

The raw, soulful ballad, she says, "is me preparing someone for how hard it’s going to be, and walking them through every step of ‘the dance’ they will have to learn in order to get through the darkest days.

“Holding together any kind of relationship when you struggle with your mental health is immensely challenging – for you and the person involved,” she adds. 

Track Of The Day :: Sister Psychosis - Beside Myself

Words: Leah Raymond 

Songwriter and vocalist Amanda May and guitarist Chops are the UK-Canadian duo known as Sister Psychosis, and the pair have just made their debut on Alan McGee’s Creation 23 label, with double A-side single ‘Beside Myself’ / ‘Into Your Memory’.

Released last week, 'Beside Myself’ was inspired by nights gigging and partying in underground London clubs; the dark, heavy psych groove, augmented by May's sultry vocals, lends a claustrophobic aura to late night reveries.

Check it out now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Goat Girl share new track, 'Badibaba'

Goat Girl are back for 2021 with a new track, 'Badibaba', along with a video. The track is taken from their upcoming album 'On All Fours', which will be released via Rough Trade Records on January 29.

Guitarist and vocalist L.E.D. says of the song: “'Badibaba' is a song about environmental catastrophe and the pessimism and self-destruction that this causes to the human spirit.” Cream adds, “it touches on how the earth’s existence is controlled by exploitative systems, and the feeling of existential helplessness this induces.”

'On All Fours' was produced by Dan Carey in South London in late 2019. It sees the band delve deeper into unexplored lyrical and melodic territory whilst retaining their critical lens on the worlds injustices and social prejudices.

CHAI announce third album, and release lead single 'ACTION'

Credit: Yoshio Nakaiso

Words: Sam Geary 

Japanese four-piece CHAI have announced details of their third album. Titled 'WINK', the 13-track record will be released via Sub Pop on May 21. 

Uplifting lead single 'ACTION' was a response to watching the Black Lives Matter protests unfold across America and the world in June of last year while the band were in Japan.

“Seeing how the world came together during the protests really moved me,” says bassist YUUKI. “I wanted to dedicate that song to the year of action.” 

The band further elaborates: “The world as we know it has changed, but even with that, it's still a world where nothing really changes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there more ACTION rooted in happiness? Be the change that you want to see!... I'm going to be the pioneer in seeing the world I want to see, meeting the people I want to meet! We start off by expressing the fun in ACTION with this music video♡ Why don't you join us?! It's that type of song♡.”

'WINK' tracklist:

Donuts Mind If I Do

Maybe Chocolate Chips (feat. Ric Wilson)




Nobody Knows We Are Fun

It's Vitamin C

IN PINK(feat. Mndsgn)



Wish Upon a Star


19&You are not really 'Bored!'

The Los Angeles-via-Sydney outfit 19&You follow their late 2020 debut single 'Runnin'' with catchy new single 'Bored!'

"This was a song that we really didn’t have an end goal in mind when we started," say the quartet of the uptempo, indie-pop infusion. "There wasn’t any reference or inspiration for it other than knowing we wanted a track that had a consistent guitar line throughout.

“Once we found that, the rest of the song fell into place pretty organically. We really enjoyed creating the dynamic journey the song presents; soft sweet melodies in the verse to in-your-face gritty chorus and we hope our fans will also enjoying that transition and rock out to it.”