Monday, October 20, 2014

EP Review :: Two Weeks Running - Human Nature

Two Weeks Running

Human Nature

November 1 2014 (Martian Records)


Words: Dave Beech

Bolton will always be a town in the shadow of two things, Manchester, just ten miles southwest, and the portly waistline of perhaps its most famous export, Peter Kay. Fortunately for Two Weeks Running however, their sound is far sharper, angular and ultimately much more palatable than Kay's stand-up routines, proving that not all of Manchester's musical output emerges from the city centre. Having already found fans in the likes of Tom Robinson and XFM's John Kennedy, the band hit the ground, ahem, running, and haven't looked back since.

Their new EP, 'Human Nature' sees Two Weeks Running rattle out of the starting gate, with a breakneck pace that rarely relents over the course of the EPs four tracks. Immediately, the aptly titled opener 'Bullet Train' asserts itself as the obvious choice for a lead single; its lead guitar and huge drum sound making for an impactive start. That is, until you hear the actual lead single, 'Holy Ghost'. Subtler and slightly slower than the previous track, at least at first, '...Ghost' harbours elements of light funk throughout the verses, before a frenetic guitar leads in to the massive chorus, making it clear why they chose to go with this over 'Bullet Train'.

Both tracks, however (even the record as a whole), grab your attention in a big way, even if the band's overall sound does feel somewhat familiar, generic even. It's the familiarity and the immediacy offered up by 'Human Nature' that works both for and against the band, something which becomes apparent on repeated listens. Though it does grab you by the balls the first several times you hear it, the initial shock soon begins to feel normal, the grip loosening and perhaps even becoming comfortable.

Whilst their energy and passion do ultimately outweigh the negatives, it's difficult to imagine someone hearing any innovation in Two Weeks Running, but that's not always something everyone wants. This is music to have a few drinks to, made by five lads with no preconceptions about how it sounds or their audience. And though there's plenty of other bands making the same kind of racket, Two Weeks Running manage to stand out on sheer energy and self-belief alone

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