Thursday, September 24, 2020

Michael Kiwanuka named winner of the Hyundai Mercury Prize 2020 

Credit: Olivia Rose

Revealed this evening in an announcement on BBC’s The One Show, Michael Kiwanuka has been named the winner of the Hyundai Mercury Prize 2020.

The London-born singer-songwriter beat a shortlist including Stormzy, Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, and Sports Team for his self-titled third album, released last November, and follow-up to 2016’s ‘Love & Hate'.

Track Of The Day :: Holy Motors - Trouble

Credit: Greta Ly Valing

Words: Sam Geary 

On the back of 'Endless Night', Estonian outfit Holy Motors are back with third single, 'Trouble'.

The track in their signature style places Eliann Tulve’s soft and dreamy vocals over vibrato guitars, echoing spaghetti western like throughout.

Building up to the release of album 'Horse' on October 16 via Wharf Cat Records, singer and songwriter Eliann Tulve remarks that "'Trouble' is a song about being in a half-real, half-dream state, like the troubled state of mind that sometimes comes with the night, and you know it’s just fears of the unreal but that doesn’t stop that eerie feeling that’s saying ‘something weird is in the air tonight.’ It’s like a secret between the writer and the listener."

Open that 'secret' below.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Circa Waves share a 'Lemonade' visual

Words: Sam Geary 

Circa Waves have followed the release of their Alfie Templeman collaboration, 'Lemonade', with a retro video.

The clip, directed by Bousher & Gee finds the band in a series of 60s themed rooms in the colourful visual.

“After working with Bousher & Gee on the 'Jacqueline' and 'Sad Happy' videos, it was clear they were mad in the most brilliant of ways, so it was a no brainer to make another music video with them," says frontman Kieran Shuddall.

"Theo pitched us the idea of painting a house mad colours and having black goo seep out of the walls, TVs and taps while we all stood around in expensive suits. I said, 'Theo, you had me at goo.'"

Watch below.

Watch :: Tame Impala perform 'Borderline' on US TV

Kevin Parker and his Tame Impala cohorts pitched up on the US show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (September 22).

The band performed 'Borderline' from their album 'The Slow Rush' in their role as the evening's musical guests.

Check it out below.

Baby Queen unveils new single, 'Pretty Girl Lie', and announces debut EP

Words: Ellie Ward 

After recently sharing 'Medicine' and 'Buzzkill', London-based Bella Lathum, aka Baby Queen, has unveiled a new single, 'Pretty Girl Lie'.

The critique on the prevalence of Photoshop and filters, comes with the announcement that her debut EP, 'Medicine', will arrive on November 6 via Polydor.

“I wrote this song after becoming increasingly frustrated with the relationship between my real-life identity and the person I was pretending to be online," explains Bella on 'Pretty Girl Lie'.

"I grew up with really bad body dysmorphia which I believe was partly caused by the image of the stereotypically 'pretty girl' I saw in the media all around me, and the fact that photoshop made this image completely unattainable.

"We're heading towards a reality wherein everybody edits their pictures, slims their noses, chisels their jaw bones, whitens their teeth and reshapes their thighs. I'm just over it. It's not cool. It's actually very uncool.

"If people aren't going to stop doing it, then all the kids should know that nothing is real, and this is my way of telling them that.”

Check 'Pretty Girl Lie' below.

Best new tracks Down Under #38

With the vibrant indie music scene in Australia and New Zealand constantly outshining much of the output from their British and American cousins, Little Indie picks our weekly bunch of some of the best new tracks on offer.

AMAMELIA - HOT BITCH DOT ZIP (feat. Baby Zionov + bb gurl)

Credit: Karin Yamasaki 

Amamelia, the electronic house project of Auckland, NZ's Amelia Berry, heads up to her debut album ,'WOW!', out on October 2, with 'Hot Bitch Dot Zip', a collaboration with guest vocalists Aaliyah Zionov aka Baby Zionov and Che Ebrahim of bb gurl. The club bop opens with the question "What's it like to suck / what's it like to be a bitch?"


The slow and rhythmic 'Hold You' showcases Brisbane-based singer/ songwriter Ella's bewitching and expressive voice with acoustic strummed guitar. "I wrote 'Hold You In' after my first ever relationship came to an end. It's about knowing that you need to let something go, but wanting to hold onto it despite knowing it's not right for you. When it eventually became clear we weren't right for each other, I went through a sort of grieving over what could have been. I wanted to hold onto what we had, to hold him in, even though I knew I was fighting a losing battle by hanging on. We both knew we had to let it go, but it was still difficult."


Melding lo-fi hip hop with sweet pop melodies, Queensland/New South Wales duo Dayliites follow up their 'Diamonds' debut with 'Boyfriend'. Producer Mikey Perry, aka Paces, and vocalist Cloe Terare combine to form an alluring mix.


Released this week, Melbourne four-piece The Bush deliver chilled indie pop on the follow up single to their debut EP 'Ricotta'. “'Two Things' is about falling in and out of love with someone and the way these two feelings roll into each other from one minute to the next…or even at the same time. It’s about loving someone so much you want to squeeze them to death, but then flipping and hating their guts – usually when you’re PMSing hard. It’s about that indecisive feeling of wanting two (contrasting) things at the same time."


'Dreamland Delusion' is the first single off the upcoming second EP titled 'Party Friends', by Busselton, WA trio - Jaxon Alp (vocals, guitar), Jack Mitchell (drums), Jean-Luc Mason (bass). Blasting out an infectious energy in the punk-meets-alt-rock number, which they say is "about having wacky dreams, sometimes it's a fun experience, sometimes not so fun, either way, we've all had them right?"


Melbourne duo Tim Haines and Taycian Lord have just dropped this fuzzy, indie pop-rock single, ‘Been Waiting’. The melodic, reverbed, surf-styled track shows the two kicking out with the punchy drums of Taycian anchoring Tim’s fuzz laden guitar and call and response vocals, as he sings of impatience in love and literally waiting for the other person get home to him, the chorus proclaiming “all my life I’ve been right about what could exist." Catch an online single launch show this Friday, September 25 on Instagram.