Friday, June 22, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Okay Champ - William Tell

Words: Sam Geary

Produced by themselves and Will Thornycroft, 'William Tell' is the follow-up to the visceral debut single 'The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)' by North-East newcomers Okay Champ.

Released yesterday (June 21) via their own imprint Treetrunk Records, 'William Tell' takes an equally menacing stance to their post-punk predecessor through a drone drum beat, John Edgar’s dominating, dark vocals and a fuzzy wash of guitars.

The lyrics to the song, says writer Edgar, "were born out of a nightmare I had. A lot of the Champ lyrics are… It's the antithesis of 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' by The Beatles. With a little nod to Rossini in there.”

Okay Champ - made up of members of EAT FAST, YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO, Nately's Whore's Kid Sister and Let's Buy Happiness, head out on tour for a short run of dates next month.

Live dates

15 Newcastle - Cluny 2*
16 Bristol - The Exchange*
17 London - The Social*
18 Brighton - The Quadrant*
19 Portsmouth - The Edge of the Wedge*
22 Sheffield Tramlines Festival

* w/ Blóm

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Watch :: Toronto's Summerteeth get into the summer groove on 'Stay Warm'

Credit: Josh Moody

Words: Leah Raymond

Directed by Miguel Barbosa, Toronto's Summerteeth trio enjoy some summer vibes on the catchy, upbeat 'Stay Warm'.

The track, following last year's 'Hope This Helps', comes from the pop-punks' second EP 'Sweet Nothing', out tomorrow (June 22).

Live dates (w/Dear Youth)

22 La Vitrola, Montreal
23 Doors Pub, Hamilton, Ontario
24 Mustache Club, Oshawa, Ontario
27 Warehouse, St Catharines, Ontario
28 Harmony Lunch, Waterloo, Ontario
29 Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, Ontario
30 Pressed, Ottawa, Ontario

Little Indie Roundtable - June 22 2018

Each week Little Indie takes three guest reviewers and six new tracks, and after giving them a spin through the headphones, they then give their opinion on each.

This week's panel: Ollie McCormack, account manager with Top Button Digital PR;
Joe, guitarist with emerging London band FLOAT; Little Indie contributor, Richard Cobb.


The Dundee quartet follow their March released single, 'Never Get The Time', with this new track. Driving, melodic guitar riffs and pounding drums augment the forceful vocals of Adam Campbell. Catch live at Perth's CiTay festival on June 23.

Ollie McCormack: Guitar-wise it sounds very 90s-indie-by-numbers. But it’s got a nicely impactful hit of guitars when the chorus drops and flies along at a decent pace so it gets a thumbs up from me.  Apart from the bridges between chorus and verse that is, which seem rather excessive and unnecessary. 3.5/5

Joe: Interpol meets Cloud Nothings. Nice stuff. Took me back to the mid 2000's. 3.5/5

Richard Cobb: Strong musicianship. Enough interesting layers in there to draw you in. Sounds like a band on top of their game and enjoying what they’re doing. 3.5/5

Total score: 10.5/15


Aylesbury, Bucks-based singer-songwriter, formerly vocalist/guitarist of the band Swoons. Impressive vocals. Chamber pop style somewhere between Nick Cave, Kingsley Chapman and a 60s crooner. Catch live on 30th June at Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes.

OM: There’s a lot of this slow, echoing, electronic-pop around at the minute. This didn’t grab my attention, passing me by in a blur of nothingness. Not one I’ll be rushing back to listen to again. 2/5

J: 80s delicacy. 4/5

RC: It’s clear by the video and track he’s got a certain vision and style, struggled to keep my attention throughout unfortunately. 2/5

Total score: 8/15


Rising London-based three-piece share new single, out via Modern Sky UK. Fuzzy, full-on and fiery punk-pop, driven by frontwoman Jess Allanic’s powerful hold on the vocals.

OM: I’m struggling to think how this could sound any more like a Slaves track - the guitar and bass tones in particular are pure, unashamed Kent punk rock rip-offs. But luckily, having said that, I love Slaves so while they lose a point for tone theft, the energy is great and the vocals are nicely raucous, so hey, they get a solid 3.5/5

J: Angsty, yet playful. Again, takes me back to my late teenage years. The "la la la's" become "outrageously" catchy. 4/5

RC: Really like their energy and I remember this one from seeing them live earlier this year. Could imagine this being played in one of those weird fun houses the clowns run about in at a fun fair. 4/5

Total score: 11.5/15


Following recent single ‘Love Actually’, the Anglo-Danish electro-alt-pop trio (consisting of three producers: Alexander Flockhart, Mads Christensen and Mette Mortensen) return with this latest, about "honesty between friends and being true to yourself and your beliefs," released June 15.

OM: I found this a bit uninspiring. The production is super slick, and I like her voice, but it didn’t seem to get out of first gear. Sounds a bit Scandi-pop-by-numbers. 3/5

J: Not really something I'd usually listen to and wouldn't again for personal taste reasons. I'm sure it can be appreciated by others, though. I'm not in the position to rate this one, I'm afraid, as it wouldn't be justified. 0/5

RC: Really liked the Imogen Heap vibe at the start and end of the track. This song’s a bit like a sandwich with amazing bits of bread on either side but the filling in the middle has a bit too much butter on it and detracts from the lovely bread. 2.5/5

Total score: 5.5/15


Follow up to 'Poser' from January, the Derby alt-rock four-piece bring more jangly rhythms to new track, released June 16, and produced by Alex Greaves at The Nave studios in Leeds.

OM: Yeah, this is decent. The lo-fi production is a nice change from some of the studio slickness of the last couple of tracks. Great bass sound as well. I like this one. 4/5

J: Definite Cribs influence stands out, in a good way. Nice harmonies and drum hitting. 4/5

RC: I’m normally a fan of the genre, but I’m struggling with the vocals on this one a bit. Live might be where this song reaches the next level. 2/5

Total score: 10/15


The Santa Barbara, California surf-garage rock band's EP, 'Nothing's On My Mind' (produced by Hanni El Khatib), is due out later this summer, from which comes this first single. Warm vibes and colourful sounds break over introspective lyrics.

OM: Digging this one as well. Sounds like a mix of Parquet Courts and Ty Segall, with maybe even a little Evan Dando thrown in. 90s slacker American indie-rock - which is almost certainly the best kind of indie-rock you can find. 4/5

J: Interesting laid back, drunken, vocals. I wanted to hear more bass riff. A coolness about it. 4/5

RC: Love a cowbell. I’d be shocked if I’m the only one that mentions the cowbell. From memory the singer sounds a bit like Beck, but I’ve not listened to Beck in about 10 years so I might be completely wrong. Short but sweet. 4/5

Total score: 12/15

Track Of The Day :: Dead Naked Hippies - Guillotine

Words: Linn Branson

A fairly lengthy four-minutes-plus on the first release of the year from Leeds' Dead Naked Hippies.

'Guillotine', produced and mixed by Matt Peel, and out yesterday (June 20), cuts like a scorching blade, with alternating rounds of Lucy Jowett's more drifting, softer vocals, which then burst out like she's letting loose her inner soul (the idea being to convey both sides of emotional depth), against Joe Clarke storming guitar, and Jacob Marston's complementary drums, both lending a steady backbone.

"‘Guillotine’, says Jowett, "is an exploration of grief. It’s the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, versus choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life."

It's something of a thinking person's song - see the lyrics on the link below - and gives room for thought.

Catch the band live tonight (June 21) for their free entry show at London's Sebright Arms.

Live dates

21 Sebright Arms, LONDON (free entry)
22 Maguire's Pizza Bar, LIVERPOOL
26 Bloc, GLASGOW

04 Oporto, LEEDS
06 The Green Room, STOCKTON
10 The Sesh, HULL
22 Tramlines Fringe, SHEFFIELD

04 Humber Street Sesh, HULL

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Watch :: Russian Baths - Poolhouse

Words: Sam Geary 

After they dropped us 'Slenderman' at the start of the year, Brooklyn's Russian Baths have just released a new video for their single 'Poolhouse'.

Taken from their debut EP 'Penance', out now through Good Eye Records, the noise-rockers' combine a sense of other-worldliness strangely enough amidst their squalls of dissonance, largely through Jess Rees’ compelling vocals.

The clip, done in one take, focuses on Rees singing straight to camera, as water drips down on top of her.

"'Poolhouse’," say the band of the track, "is about an existential crisis. It’s about feeling so overwhelmed that you can’t see the way out. It’s about moments of calm and hope being submerged in waves of pressure. It’s about losing your breath because of fear."

First listen :: Amilli - Rarri

Words: Ellie Ward 

Soul-infused R'n'B outing for 18-year-old chanteuse from Bochum, Germany, Amelie Flörke, is starting to garner a name for herself under the moniker of Amilli. With two previous tracks uploaded online over the last couple of months, 'Heights' and 'Can I' - both on Spotify - she now comes up with 'Rarri'.

This third cut is by far her most accomplished so far. Chilled electronic beats play around her distinctively husky tones as she takes a swipe at fashion snobbery: "Prada/ Fendi/ Louis Vuitton/ You still don't look like Yves Saint Laurent..."

With close to 20k views on the accompanying video in just a matter of days, Amilli may just be on the point of becoming the new big thing.