Thursday, October 30, 2014

Track Of The Day :: Field Division - To Innisfree Land

Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, now Nashville-based, Evelyn Taylor and Nicholas Frampton are about to release their debut EP as Field Division.

'Reverie State', out this week (October 28), is a warmly produced - by Konrad Snyder (Kopecky Family Band, Neulore, Night Beds) and Benjamin Kaufman (Night Beds) - first outing from the folkwave duo, and the latest taster from it, the hauntingly beautiful  ‘To Innisfree Land‘, makes the waiting for the EP more than worthwhile.

Melding the essential vocal of Taylor against ethereal synth textures and reverb-laden guitar lines, its lo-fi iridescence capturing an intimacy, while painted on a wider soundscape.

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