Thursday, July 16, 2015

Listen :: Ceiling Demons - Even If

Words: Ellie Ward

Mixing hip hop with poetry, rap and beats, Ceiling Demons are an alternative collective from North Yorkshire, who first came together to pay tribute to a lost friend, a theme that has permeated the music ever since.

With influences such as The Streets' Mike Skinner and the production of DJ Shadow, Ceiling Demons - comprised of identical twin brother MCs Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon, with production from George "Beat Demon" Ruston - they have just unveiled new single, 'Even If', out on August 17 officially (with exclusive B-sides 'The Quiet' and 'Feels Like Forever') but will be available as a free download via Soundcloud from August 1.

The delicate lead female vocal opens the track, a lost love epode, before it gradually bleeds into a male rap section of the outfit's typically hard-hitting, often wry, lyrics - "even if I pissed into the abyss" - and back to the "still love you/even if I don't see you again" chorus. Definitely worth a few listens.

Ceiling Demons play Tramlines, Sheffield on July 25, followed by Richmond Live on July 31, and the Empty Shop, Durham on August 15.

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