Sunday, October 04, 2015

Introducing :: Kasakela

Words: Linn Branson

Yet another young band hailing from the wilds of Essex. This time late teens - all five of them just 19 - outfit from Southend-On-Sea, Kasakela. If you happened to be at Raleigh's Mill Arts Centre last night (October 3) you may have caught them opening for another Essex lad, Ratboy.

To quote the band, for the last couple of years they have just been "milling along", playing the odd gig here and there, "but with the addition of our latest member, Kieran, we've really picked up and started to take the band seriously."

The first taste of their 'seriousness' can be gleaned with their debut single 'Peachy' - released late last month - below, which was recorded in Southend with Rees Broomfield, the drummer of local band Youth Club. It's synth undercurrent lends a nice feel to the grungy-alt-pop top layer of rumbling bass and Joel Costi-Mouyia's vocal, that opens out effectively in the last half.

Would it be trite to say it sounds rather peachy to us?

Kasakela are: Joel Costi-Mouyia (vocals/guitar), Ben Lomax (lead guitar), Henry Quick (bass), Kieran Telford (synth/rhythm guitar), Connor Jennings (drums).

More info: FACEBOOK

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