Sunday, January 10, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Breeze - Luna Love Me Good

Words: Linn Branson

Little Indie introduced Birmingham's indie-pop three-piece Breeze early last year upon their having uploaded online the first three tracks that had evolved since the band's formation in August 2014.

At that time, vocalist/guitarist Paul Baker had spoken to us about the "pressure to live up to the whole 'B-Town' name thing", calling it "kind of a double-edged sword" in being placed in the same category as other bands coming out of the city such as Peace, Swim Deep, and Jaws.

But a year on, Breeze seem to be floating on top of it all, steadily developing their own sound. After spending time in the studio again with renowned producer Gavin Monaghan - the man who also worked on their first recorded offerings, 'Sellotape' and 'Bleach' - they are now ready to release their five-track debut EP 'Toot de la Fruit' on January 21.

Featuring both the aforementioned tracks, the EP also includes 'Luna Love Me Good', the pre-release cut which we are pleased to premiere here - and which we honestly think is their best work yet. If you happen to be a Harry Potter aficionado you might feel a touch of familiarity about the title; and yes, we are informed that the song was loosely inspired by the character in the JK Rowling novels, Luna Lovegood, Harry's rather kooky wizarding friend.

'Luna Love Me Good' is definitely a grower of a song, and it's hard not to have the main title line running around your head after just a couple of hearings. Right from the sublimely atmospheric opening guitar riffs of Josh Thompson, you know this is going to be good - and it is. Once Baker's evocative, with a hint of gruffness, vocals kick in accompanied by Jack Redfern's drums, and the guitars twang out in full pelt, you're hooked.

Luna, for god's sake - love him good, will ya!

Catch Breeze at Coastival festival, Scarborough on February 13.

Take a listen to more from Breeze on Soundcloud.

Pre-order 'Toot de la Fruit' here.

More info: FACEBOOK

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