Thursday, February 11, 2016

Listen :: White Wine - Where Is My Line?

Words: Sam Geary

German trio White Wine describe their genre on Facebook as "All Over The Goddamn Place". Funny, and apt, as it happens.

Hailing from Leipzig, Joe Haege (the man behind bands like Menomena, 31 Knots and Tu Fawning), Fritz Br├╝ckner amd Christian "Kirmes" Kuhr turn off-kilter into a speciality on their debut album. 'Who Cares What The Laser Says?', out on March 25.

Check out lead single 'Where’s My Line?', below,  for an idea of their maudlin bass-lines, schizophrenic guitar riffing and Haege's gnarled vocal delivery.

"In an era where albums seem to be nothing but a pile of songs, I really tried to make one that had its own identity. The title, 'Who Cares What The Laser Says?' initially was just a joke that sounded like some broad and sweeping statement against technology. But then that really started to sink into became a little bit of an anthem to mock the future. We searched for sounds that gave us some feeling of an alternate reality where the future goes a little wrong or gets a little broken. Or to let some sounds be intentionally cheap, because whatever is state of the art one day will sound dated and stupid in about 5-10 years (but then the younger generations thinks it's cool again). It's all so fleeting in the modern world. Why try to chase it?” – Joe Haege.

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