Tuesday, February 02, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Ivory Yardsale debut the video to 'North Slightly East'

Words: Linn Branson

Experimental pop duo Ivory Yardsale, released their new EP, 'A Watch On Each Wrist', on January 10, and now they share the visuals for the catchy lead track, 'North Slightly East' which Little Indie premieres here.

The Mitchell Williams-directed video by the Kettering, Northants-based pair - Joshua Gibbard - vocals, guitar, bass, synth, clarinet, and Joe Thorley, drums - is slightly quirky and will raise a smile, particularly if like Josh, you're a Bear Grylls fan.

The inspiration for the video, came from his fascination with TV survival shows like Bear Grylls' Man Vs Wild and Born Survivor, and Ed Stafford's Naked and Marooned.

"I watch their shows all the time and I think they're great," Josh tells us. 'My mum always insists that it's not real though, and that they actually go back to a hotel when they say they're camping or that the animals they hunt have been planted by the producers. I don't believe that's true, but I thought it was an interesting idea at least, I wondered how they'd feel going back to their hotel, watching their own show knowing it was fake and dealing with the false praise they received from it. I asked our friend Mitchell Williams to help us make a music video of that."

Mitchell Williams comments:

"The process of developing the idea from beginning to end was fun. We had discussed several different ideas, but this one definitely stood out from the rest, we had to try it out. Myself and Josh then sat together working on the structure of the story, what we could logically achieve and how we could steer clear of a generic
music video of a band playing to the camera."

The idea for track 'North Slightly East' itself, Josh reveals, came together after pondering some rather heavy matters - which belie the lightness of the song's melody: "I kept reminding myself that there isn't actually a need for anything to matter in life - you could interpret that to be really depressing, but I actually found it to be quite freeing. I think it's a positive attitude to have. So in the song you have these really monotonous things happening - like people suing other people for making bottle opening key chains as if someone could own that idea - and then it kind of just talks about how you could let something like that bother you if you let it, but you don't have to."

Watch the video above. You can also stream Ivory Yardsale's 'A Watch On Each Wrist' EP in full below.

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