Sunday, February 21, 2016

Watch :: King Catcher share first 'experiment' in the shape of 'Butterfly'

Words: Ellie Ward

Stephen Bodger (vocals, instruments) and Andy James (instruments, vocals), two "relapsed scientists" from North London, collectively known as King Catcher, release their electro pop debut single ‘Butterfly’ tomorrow, February 22.

The duo got together during last summer with the idea of writing "up-tempo, poppy tunes about car crashes, sex tapes and séances" and seeing how far they could take it as a kind of experiment.

You can now judge for yourselves how it worked out with this first taste of their endeavors comes in the form of the poppy 'Butterfly' - "a song about a dysfunctional and sometimes violent relationship."

Take a look at its video above, made by King Catcher from combining old b/w movie clips.

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