Sunday, March 27, 2016

Album Review :: The Goon Sax - Up To Anything

The Goon Sax

Up To Anything

April 8 2016 (Chapter Music)


Words: Conran McMullan

Having released a string of impressive singles over the past six months, The Goon Sax now unleash their debut album on us. ‘Up To Anything’ features a brilliant mix of existential angst and primal excitement that sum up teenage life, with concepts that connect with an audience through the shared insecurities of growing up.

The Brisbane, Australia teen trio have created a unique blend of self-awareness and teenage awkwardness which is both disarming and endearing. The stories they tell will resonate with so many listeners with lyrics showing deep understanding of teen wisdom. ‘Sweaty Hands’ explores the point in a relationship where you’re at your worst and ‘Telephone’ tackles the idea that you can never offer your crush enough, with these themes it’s unlikely to surprise anyone that the trio are all aged between 17-18.

The album features previously released singles ‘Sometimes Accidently’ and ‘Boyfriend’ as well as recently released title track ‘Up To Anything’ which has been described by Louis as ‘a snapshot of my life, which at that time felt tiresome and slow’ which may surprise some given the up-tempo nature of song, however a closer look at the lyrics – including “I can’t walk this sadness out” – show the depth of the words juxtaposed to the frenetic beat that is a continuing theme throughout the album.

The often simple melodies can be forgiven from a band with so little experience, however a little more variation would serve to stop one inobservantly playing through the full album, without noticing a change between tracks. That being said, even the simple thought of “Do they ever go right?” in ‘Home Haircuts’ give The Goon Sax so much vulnerable charm and affability, that 'Up To Anything' can’t help but cheer you up.

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