Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Introducing :: HATS

Words: Ellie Ward

HATS is the two-piece alt-folk project of brothers, Garry (vocals / guitar) and John (piano / synths / backing vocals) Kerr from Irvine in Ayrshire, now based in Manchester.

Fairly prolific around a year ago with uploads to Soundcloud, 'Hurt You', their new track, is the first we have heard from the duo since then.

Writing and recording in a bedroom set-up, HATS - who took their name from a favourite album by The Blue Nile - they released a six-track EP in late 2013 during university called 'Hide Away', followed by a single 'Who Do You Love', before they did rather hide away, from music at least, in order to concentrate on university and other commitments.

"We have been working on music on and off again since last year," says Garry, "and had down a lot of ideas, but didn't think they were right to put out. But we've now set ourselves a goal of trying to release one song every month in the hope of releasing an LP at the end of the year."

'Hurt You' is the first of the planned run, and was written and recorded just this month. Drawing influence from the aforementioned Blue Nile and Doves, it opens on haunting synths before Garry's rich vocals break through over guitar and drum machine as the song swells.

Listen to 'Hurt You' above, and HATS' earlier EP below.

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