Monday, May 23, 2016

** PREMIERE ** SASS - Island For Two

Words: Ellie Ward

SASS are an alt-pop five-piece originally from Birmingham who are now hanging out in the wilds of North London. Hailing from the city that has defined a large part of the music scene over the last few years, you might be thinking you'll know what SASS probably sound like before you even hear them - but you'd probably be wrong in your assumptions.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of The XX, Drake and Foals, SASS offer a different take on the more familiar ‘B-Town’ sound.

'Island For Two' is the slow burning four-and-a-half-minutes-plus new single - available tomorrow (May 24) via Apple Music and Spotify - which Little Indie is premiering here.

Through the combinination of electronic drums melded with tropical guitar, heavy bass and synth, topped with Ryan Ward's spine-tingling, R&B-inflected vocals, SASS have created a dark and richly melodic textured track.

"'Island for Two' is the first track where we worked with a producer, Ian Flynn, in a studio," they tell us. "With the song, we tried to collate the feeling of post-break up depression and anxiety through both the lyrics and the soundscape."

SASS play Birmingham's Hare & Hounds on July 23.

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