Friday, July 22, 2016

Introducing :: Milkpunch

Words: Ellie Ward

He may once have been Matt Powers, before he acquired the Raf Lima nom de musique, now the lo-fi purveyor of bedroom DIY is out producing under the Milkpunch moniker.

The Sydney-based electronic artist has recently unveiled 'Gemini!' as a foretaste from his upcoming 'Junk Pop' EP, and which follows his covers of the likes of Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine, as well as his own demo track, 'Through Downtown', which appeared online last year; this year he also had his Matt Powers profile active with material, though these have now been removed.

'Gemini!' trades a raft of scratchy garage fuzz guitar - along with some organic strummed variation - and ladled with oozings of reverb and some catchy melodic stylings, and promises further work from Matt/Raf/Milk may well be worth keeping on your radar.

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