Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Album Review :: Bastille - Wild World

Album Review


Wild World

September 9 2016 (Virgin EMI)


Words: Alison Mack

The 14-track, Mark Crew co-production that is Bastille's big, seemingly Stateside-geared new album, packs in a raft of easy-on-the-ear material that filters in their trademark style of catchy, hook-hitting songs for live audiences to sing out to, with admittedly a filler or two, but their legion of fans will no doubt by-pass such trifles when there is a wealth of electronic pop-rock, and soulfully composed melodies to be had.

'Good Grief', which already feels like it's been around forever, sets the opening standard with big poppy chorus and lap percussion, before 'Send Them Off!' brings ina blast of trumpet, while 'An Act of Kindness' brings the pace down as a piano ballad territory, before 'By Glory' shows its mettle in true anthemic style.

One of the previously mentioned fillers comes in 'Two Evils', in which Dan Smith exudes his falsetto over a darkly brooding mantra line, “You and I are not that different”, that feels a little like The Weeknd. Though ‘Warmth,’ makes up for it, allowing Smith to indulge in clement entreaties. ‘Blame,’ however, takes that glow away by snapping with crusty retorts on being made to feel accountable for wrongdoings that were not of your making.

'Wild World' delivers a big-screen work of crowd-pleasing songs that will undoubtedly see Bastille raise the bar on 'difficult' second albums.

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