Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Foreign Flag - Pills

Words: Linn Branson

To get straight to the point. It's 2am and I don't have a clue who London two-piece Foreign Flag are, all I know is this debut single by the name of 'Pills' has shouty, punky vocals, scuzzy wiry guitar and a drum beating out at the back to keep it all - surprisingly - melodic.

That's why it's Track Of The Day. It's raw, energetic and vibrant, even though I'm not entirely sure it wouldn't induce a migraine by the third hearing. Given that there are just two of them (and who only got together as Foreign Flag a couple of months ago), Callum Thomas on drums and Frazer Richardson supplying the guitar and shouty bits - sorry, vocals - they are following a well-trod path set by other such combos as Royal Blood and Slaves, to name but two, who manage to produce enough sonic loudness to make up for member minimalism.

'Pills' is a whacking dose of aural medicinal sonics that lyrically is "sort of about isolation, depression and just feeling a bit out of place," while ramping up the decibels in the style of Bad Breeding.

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