Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Listen :: Cameron Jones releases fragrant 'Rose' debut

Words: Linn Branson

The debut track from London-based singer-songwriter Cameron Jones, 'Rose', is a sweetly fragrant thing, as you will hear if you stream the sub-four minute song below.

Released last week, 'Rose' is one of those quiet beauties that touches a chord and lingers in the memory sufficiently to warrant more than just one play. Accompanied by guitar and piano, Jones' honest, emotive and intelligent lyrics ("a battleground is where we're sleeping / want to love you with all my heart / but it's stopped beating") derive inspiration from "a point in a relationship where fun and loving memories put a rose tinted view on a not so happy present, with a reluctance to accept the reality only making the situation more complicated."

The song's structure is built around the unobtrusive piano and minimal guitar that allow Jones' voice to resonate with the listener, unhampered.

Jones, who has spent the last year working nights at a blues bar, while playing open mic nights, is a bedroom recording artist who, if given the right exposure and if he has more songs like this one, could be en route for life well beyond the four walls of home.

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