Saturday, October 29, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Escapists - Animals

Words: Linn Branson

Escapists are no strangers to Little Indie, having been featured several times over the last two years with impressive releases like 'Faraday Cage', 'What Are You Waiting For', and just earlier this month with the epic 'Silence', one side of their new AA single.

Now Little Indie can bring you the first hearing of the flipside to the single from the London four-piece: 'Animals'.

After releasing EP ‘Eat You Alive’ last year, Escapists shed their jagged post-punk skins, went back to the drawing board and re-emerged with this new work. 'Animals', although slightly shorter in length at 3:46 minutes than its five-minute-plus counterpart 'Silence', it is no less an affective listen.

Initially composed by bassist Max Perryment and sent to Glancy while the latter was sitting in a hospital waiting room, the lyrics emerged after the latter tried to imagine backstories for the people around him. The tinkling piano opening and Simon Glancy's compelling, yet controlled, high-ranging vocal register folds gradually into an atmospherically laden and unobtrusive bassline, understated drums and guitars, leading to a blissfully smooth outro. 'Animals' is the kind of intelligent and classy song that one would expect from a band like Escapists.

Escapists play London's Electrowerkz on November 1.

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