Sunday, November 13, 2016

Introducing :: BILK

Words: Linn Branson

Since we discovered Chelmsford teen Connar Ridd, aka FREAK, back at the start of the year, Little Indie seems to have become a legend in its own blogtime in the Essex environs given the number of submissions we have had since from the area.

The latest to grace our ears are another set of Chelmsford teens called BILK - or at least, we think that's their current moniker, as within a week of contacting us under the band name LSD, they had metamorphosed into BILK (though rather confusingly still having their old name linked to their Facebook page).

They have just at the start of November released 'Get On It', their latest and third of three - after 'Spiked' and 'Just Not Keen' - in recent months.

With the vocalist and bassist both just 17, and drummer a year older, their style is very much what one might expect of three young 'lads, who as they say, "are really just about not taking life too seriously and having a good time writing and preforming our music" - a cross between an early Blur and a touch of Rat Boy.

The 'good time', if their lyrics are to go by, involve six-packs of Stella, vodka, spliffs, flirting - and probably a whole lot more they're not going into. "Our music is mainly a social comment on the life's of young people," they tell Little Indie. "'Get On It' is about not wasting your life with the boring and mundane stuff and just going out and having a good time before you're too old."

Putting on my Simon Cowell hat, I'm going to say, guys, I like you. You're raw, admittedly, but that's part of your appeal. 'Get On It' is undeniably catchy, and with some decent mixing and a good producer, it could really take off. So I'm going to say...yes!

Give this track a listen a couple of times as it's a bit of an earworm grower.

Catch BILK live at Asylum, Chelmsford on November 20, and The Islington in London N1 on November 30.

BILK are: Sol Abrahams - lead vocals, guitar; Dan McMeekin - bass, backing vocals; Toby Doe - drums, percussion.

More info: FACEBOOK

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