Sunday, November 13, 2016

Listen :: Lunar Quiet release 'Cold Spell' single in memory of vocalist Tom Knights

Words: Linn Branson

In was with deepest shock and sadness that Little Indie heard of the death of vocalist/guitarist Tom Knights of the band Lunar Quiet. That his death, on October 23, just two weeks short of his 23rd birthday, came just three days after he and the other members of the band - Ben Thompson, Lena Pilshofer, and George Miles - had played for us at our curated night at The Finsbury for Blogtober.

I had first come across the four-piece in April this year, introducing them here a few weeks later. Their debut track 'Endless Migraine' - the first work written by Tom and Ben - was such an impressive beast of reverbed distortion and intensity, that you couldn't wait to hear more. Which I finally did a short while later at what was just still their second ever gig, at the Alternative Escape festival in Brighton in May. Playing in a small, cramped space they knocked out their psych-noise decibels that hit the rafters, and talking to them all outside the venue later, they were all such a nice bunch, with such talent, that you wanted them to do well. Hence, why when Little Indie had our curated gig night, we immediately asked them to be on the bill. That it was to be Tom's last gig makes the memory of the night even more poignant.

Posting on their Facebook page to announce a tribute show for Tom (see more details at end), the band wrote:

On the 23rd of October we sadly lost our dearest friend Tom Knights.

Tom was one of the most incredible human beings we ever have met and will meet, he gave his heart to everyone and touched everyone who knew him.

Tom was an incredibley gifted person not only musically, but as a writer, poet, artist and microwave operator.

It comes with all our deep feelings of sadness to have said goodbye to our dear Tom but his talent and name will live on forever and never leave us.

So, we invite everyone to come together and celebrate his name and honour in true Tom Knights style, by putting on a gig in memory of his name.

It will be a night of not only music but to also raise awareness for Mental Illness.

Still to this day people suffering with mental health ilnessess are being overlooked and not given enough attention and help they should be getting. People so ignorantly miss the fact that suffering and illness isnt always on the outside its on the inside and this must be made more aware in the society of today.

The band have now released a new single ‘Cold Spell’ through Hidden Bay Records, which was produced and mastered by Rory Attwell at Lightship 95, with ‘Endless Migraine’ as the B-side. The cassette comes with a 32-page zine with photos and art. Order via the link here.

The release is dedicated to the memory of Tom Knights.

Lunar Quiet will play a hometown tribute show to Tom at the Green Door Store in Brighton on December 14 with Beachtape, Morning Smoke and others. All donations on the night will go to Colchester Samaritans, a charity chosen by Tom's family.

For further details of this gig and more on the band, see their Facebook page here.

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