Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Track Of The Day :: DYVE - Half Awake

Words: Linn Branson

Stunning. Amazing. Delightful. Beautiful. Soulful. Sublime. How many superlatives can one heap on a single track? Any and more would not be less than worthy of this debut from DYVE.

Released on January 20 2017 via Veta Records, 'Half Awake' eats at the emotions through Adam Cleaver's heart-stirring vocal that sends a tingle to the spine and a slight tear to the eye as its minimalist electro melodies cling like limpets to the ears. And when the smooth sax snakes its way in....oh my, oh my, it's as you've transcended to heaven.

We don't know quite what has spurred this change in direction for Londoner Cleaver, but when he gave us a taste of 'The Salt Mine' in the spring of last year, he was straddling the alt-folk borders: the voice as awe-inducing, but no hint of the electronic soundscape he now returns with.

After a period in relative solitude travelling around Europe, he adopted the new alias DYVE and began working on a series of new tracks in tandem with producer Matt Harris (HAWK, Maria Kelly) to refine this new sound.

That 'Half Awake' is four minutes long is the only negative point here. It should be twice as long.

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