Friday, January 20, 2017

[Video] God Damn - It Bites

Midlands noise-rockers God Damn share their visuals for 'It Bites', taken from their latest album ‘Everything Ever’, out now on One Little Indian Records.

Watch the Tim Mobbs-directed zombie clip above.

“I remember the original idea came to me just after Halloween time, and I thought to coincide with the song title, the video should involve some sort of biting – I really wanted to emphasise that," says drummer Ash Weaver.

“At the time I was thinking more down the route of a vampire or werewolf character/s going around biting people who would then turn into versions of us, the band, so eventually everyone looks like us, and we are taking over. When the idea was put forward to Tim, he took it and ran with it, and came up with this great storyline of Thom as a zombie, which also links in with the ‘Dead to Me’ video that we released last year.

“We filmed it over 2 days. One day in Birmingham filming the out and about scenes (woods, park, British Legion club, cake scene). The following day we took it back home to Wolverhampton where we filmed the van scene and the live footage. Both days were really enjoyable and loads of fun. The hardest part for me was keeping a straight face, when I watch the video back I find it even more hilarious because I know that for most of my scenes, 10 seconds before I was probably laughing my head off.”

Check out the band on tour at upcoming dates.

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