Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Interview :: The Shimmer Band

Words: Ellie Ward

As they race up the motorway for tonight's (April 12) show in Leeds, we keep psychedelic krautrockers The Shimmer Busy answering some questions en route.

With their blend of sonic rock 'n' roll mixed with psych indie grooves, it's not surprising the Bristol outfit have been picking up notice with their powerful live show and singles like latest, ‘Jacknife and the Death Call’.

The Shimmer Band are: Tom Newman (vocals), Babsy (lead guitar), Tom Kuras (bass), Tom Smith (synth, rhythm guitar), William Hatcher (drums).

Hey, guys, thanks for exposing yourselves to Little Indie! Tell us a little bit about what makes you all rock and psych out?

New music, old music, festivals, touring, McDonald's, cider, big crowds, loud guitars, writing songs, creating art, making noise and accepting awards.

Would you say any one band has most influenced your sound - if indeed any has? Or did you spring from your own cosmic well of inspiration?

We're big fans of Creation Records and all of the artists involved with that label: Super Furry Animals, Ride, Primal Scream, Jesus And Mary Chain etc. They've all had a big impact on us, musically and personally.

You’ve garnered a reputation for your live shows, how do you psych yourselves up for a performance?

Listening to the music we love back stage usually does the trick. We've made a playlist of the songs we're in to right now which you can hear on our Spotify profile. Check it out!

[Do so right here]

Which song/s is/are your favourite to play live?

Definitely 'Freedom' and 'Sunkick' because they always instigate mass sing-alongs. People really connect with those songs. They've got a big euphoric unifying vibe about them which I think people dig.

Now it's spring with thoughts turning to festivals over the coming months, you have a few lined up, I see. Do you prepare any differently for a festival than to a usual gig? Are you more nervous too in front of larger crowds?

We love playing in front of big crowds I think that's where we're at our best. Given the epic nature of our songs, we definitely think our music is more sonically suited to larger venues and big fields.

You've played Derby's 2Q festival this last weekend - how did that go? Good time?

First city festival of the year, played to a packed out room, great city, great venue, top crowd great bar staff....Was class!

If you had to do a cover or two, any that have always taken your fancy - perhaps the ones you sing in the shower?!

'Crazy Horses' by The Osmonds
and 'It Doesn't Matter' by Wycliff Jean ft The Rock.

Are you all Bristolians? If we were trying to find you in the city, where would each of you most likely to be found hanging out?

We're all from Bristol and went to school together. You can usually find us at the world famous cider boat called the Apple.

When you get back to Bristol are you more conscious of having to pull off a killer show?

We treat every show the same, and give it 110% every night. Although Bristol will always be a great celebration for us, can't wait.

The band seemed to make a lot of headway last year, though you've been around since 2014. What do you think propelled you forward into public music loving consciousness last year?

We put out our first single 'Shoot Me Baby' which got the ball rolling, then released our second single 'Freedom' in the summer last year. It had a really good response which led us to play some top summer festivals, including a host of dates with new music pioneer hunters/promoters This Feeling, as well playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds which was a dream come true for us.

What have you in store for the rest of 2017?

More shows more new music to be released, just gonna keep doing what we're doing it seems to be working well! I think the time might be upon us to drop an album at some point too!

Lastly, can we ask what's the one question you've never been asked but wish you had? Now's your chance.

I dunno about that, but we got a new single coming out called 'What is Mine'. We're just finishing the video up. You'll be able to hear on Spotify soon.

Find out more at: FACEBOOK

Live dates
12 LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club
13 GLASGOW, King Tut's
14 NEWCASTLE, Think Tank? Underground
15 STOCKTON, Stockton Calling
20 BIRMINGHAM, O2 Institute
21 MANCHESTER, Soup Kitchen
22 BRISTOL, Bierkeller
22 BRISTOL, The Lanes (Department S Club Night Aftershow Party)
28 LONDON, Camden Assembly
28 LIVERPOOL, Liverpool Sound City
02 Wychwood Festival
21-23 Truck Festival
27-30 Kendal Calling
06 LIVERPOOL, Hope & Glory Festival

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