Friday, April 07, 2017

Introducing :: YEEVS

Words: Richard Cobb

At the risk of sounding like I’m off to pick up my pension and a pint of milk before returning home to watch murder she wrote, these days it’s rare to see a band without having heard them first. With entire back catalogues a mere two seconds and one Google search away, it’s not often that I go to a gig blindfolded and not knowing what to expect.

I turned up at a bar in Newtown, Sydney last year without having done my homework on the line-up. It was late one Sunday night, I was still claiming jetlag a month after arriving in Australia and the venue was reminiscent of a Ladbrokes with a rickety stage in the corner that by some minor miracle passed its risk assessment. Needless to say, my expectations and enthusiasm weren’t at an all time high. Around 30 seconds into Yeevs’ set, it’s safe to say my mood had improved drastically.

The Sydney-based three-piece released their 6-track debut EP ‘How To Harken Back’ independently back in 2015 to glowing reviews from Australian press. Genre-wise, the band have been described as lo-fi punk and new-wave power-pop, topped off with emotional storytelling which when mixed together creates a sound somewhere between The Smashing Pumpkins in their vocal quality and The Cribs in their intensity.

A couple years after their debut, the band return with new single ‘Shoot the Daytime.’ After a speaker bursting introduction, the track continues down a similar path to their previous material, with the welcome addition of subtle keys and engaging backing vocals. On first listen, the new single feels more assured and comfortable in its own skin with the track sounding well refined and full of confidence. A second EP is due to follow later in the year.

YEEVS are: Bradley Cork (vocals/guitar), Sean Lees (bass), Tom Bamford (drums).

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  1. Still can't believe how unknown these guys are. Great write up