Wednesday, April 26, 2017

[Video] Danish punks Yung take a 'Nostalgia' trip on new visuals

Words: Ellie Ward

Danish punks Yung follow their 'A Youthful Dream' album release of last year with a three-track 7" and a video to accompany its lead single 'Nostalgia'.

The 'Yung' 7″ is out on May 17 via Geertruida, and features on the A-side 'Irregular Fears' and
'Bitter', while 'Nostalgia' takes the B-side.

'Nostalgia' sees frontman and songwriter Mikkel Holm Silkjær delving into melodic alt-rock territory in this big swooning number.

The video by Isabelle Creutsberg, was inspired by a "combination of the gloomy lyrics and dreamy melody. We wanted to portray fractions of different memories you wouldn’t necessarily want to identify with. Because of this, the scenes are all characterized by having been subjectively twisted by their viewer."

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