Friday, September 08, 2017

Beach Slang's James Alex reworks tracks as Quiet Slang

Credit: Charlie Lowe

Words: Sam Geary

Beach Slang frontman James Alexhas been busy reworking his band's songs for an EP to be put out under the moniker Quiet Slang next month.

Listen to 'Hot Tramps', a new song he wrote "on the same day David Bowie died. I don’t know. I felt like making something was the best way to punch through it, to figure it out . I suppose, some of it’s about Bowie. Most of it’s about a girl. All of it’s about patching up the cracks. So, that’s the deal, you know? A few chords, some clumsy words and a title you swiped from a hero — it doesn’t fix it all, but it numbs the sting. Maybe that’s enough.”

Take it in here.

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