Monday, October 30, 2017

Live Review :: Dream Wife :: Scala, London - Oct 25 2017

Credit: Leigh/Beautiful Strange


Dream Wife

Scala, London

October 25 2017

Words: Izzy B

The Bad Bitch Club is in residence tonight, if the writing on the wall of the Scala venue is to be believed. This is Dream Wife, the London-based gals, Rakel, Alice and Bella, who are managing to bring the life snd soul to the party through their live raw, but agreeable, punk-pop-rock. As they take to the stage for this, their biggest headline show to date, and break open the set with the punchy 'Hey Heartbreaker', you can already feel the riot girrl dynamic coming into force.

The three manage to combine just the right level of fun ('Lolita') with Icelandic lead vocalist Rakel Mjöll exuding a sassy confidence on stage; catchy indie fuzz melodies ('Kids'), and a definitive purpose as on 'Somebody', which she dedicates to the "bad bitches", telling the crowd that it was "about all the shit bad bitches have to go through. In this room, all of you here, this is a place to feel safe. Everyone has the right to feel safe, and everyone has the right to have a damn good time."

2015's ‘F.U.U' - the follow-up to debut single 'Believe', and which is also the closer track on their forthcoming album - a biting glam pop “fuck you up” song, resounds throughout the room, its energetic fervour whipping up the crowd along with them. Pausing briefly to refer to that day's announcement of their self-titled debut album's arrival (on January 26 2018), they conclude with its lead track, and new single, the scorchingly passionate ‘Let’s Make Out’.

And after all that, there's a surprise finale of a cover of 'Wannabe' by their 'power girl' predecessors, the Spice Girls, which brings a riotous stage invasion by a number of the 'bad bitches' and an exuberant end to this threatrical, impressive show.

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