Saturday, February 03, 2018

Live Review :: Sea Girls :: Omeara, London - Feb 1 2018

Credit: Becky Smith


Sea Girls

Omeara, London

February 1 2018

Words: Izzy B

There's a buzz spreading around the Omeara venue, a stone's throw from London Bridge. Sea Girls' quiet rise through the ranks over the last 12 months has seen them sell out this headline show well in advance. And judging by the later fever during their set, you understand why.

The four-piece are not ones for screaming and shouting - that's left to the fans - but simply turn out one punchy banger after another in their laudable set. Frontman Henry Camamile takes charge of the vocals, and with all eyes attuned to his presence, he delights in ringing out that commanding baritone.

Credit: Rob Sherif

Like an early 'greatest hits' mix, they pull out a string of singies. ‘What For', released last November, is a few minutes of indie pop perfection. Latest single, the reflective ‘Heavenly War’ ("When I was 18, I started going out/With the girl the boys used to shout about/And I'm still hung upon her...") fill the room on shimmering chords and those rolling drums; while indie anthem ‘Lost’, with its epic chorus, and effervescent guitars gets fans jumping, dancing, moshing, singing and revelling in the joyful melodies.

By the time of set closer ‘Call Me Out’, it feels like it has come around all too soon, and the cheers that meet this, their debut outing, leaves no doubt that another three or four of the same would have been wholly approved of. The pulsing bass, jangly guitars and soaring chorus of this finale end what has been a perfect tour opener show.

Sea Girls may have rammed this venue tonight, but it is probably only going to be the first of many more to come.

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