Thursday, April 19, 2018

Track Of The Day :: NADB - Up The Wall

Words: Linn Branson

Now here's a conundrum. Take a band, namely NADB, which stands for New Age Disco Boys, who are neither New Age in sound, and far from anyone's interpretation of 'disco'.

Then take this debut single, 'Up The Wall'. At risk of possibly completely their style, I would have probably shaved off at least 45 seconds, removed the guitar/drums slightly mathy bits and had it as full on as chorus is all the way through.

As it is left, this track veers from an ace 4/5 mark (for the crazy chorus) down to 2/5 for the aforesaid skewed guitar and drum parts.

Other than that, Morten Revheim opens the song sounding for all the world like an American delivering a quasi-country-cum-alt-folk number instead of a Norwegian fronting what is an indie punk-rock five-piece from Bergen. Then it all goes bonkers really from there, bringing in the odd mathy parts and the chorus which is just an addictive, mental as fuck punk-effected belter that brings to mind something the likes of Bad Breeding might turn out.

This first cut comes from their debut album 'Smile For The Camera', produced by Arve Stigen, and out on May 4. NADB say their influences include Vulfpeck, FIDLAR, Ty Segall, Gluecifer, The Hives and Icelandic hip-hop, so your guess is as good as mine as how the rest of this full-length sounds. Might be worth finding out though.

The band play an album launch show on May 4 at Hulen in Bergen, Norway.

NADB are: Morten Revheim (vocals), Andri Szarvas (guitar), Markus Slåttvik (guitar), Knut Bjørke (bass), Didrik Von Hanno Kjersem (drums)

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